Orthochem produces several grades of Food Grade Calcium Propionate and Calcium Acetate bread preservatives


All products are tested on-site in Orthochem’s fully equipped laboratory


Orthochem is the dominant supplier in South Africa and exports widely, particularly to South East Asia.

Why Choose Orthochem?

Largest manufacturer of bread preservatives in the southern hemisphere

Orthochem is the sole South African manufacturer of Calcium Propionate & Calcium Acetate and has been operating since 1985. It is the dominant supplier of bread preservatives to the South African baking industry and has exported to all continents, focusing now mainly on South East Asia for logistical reasons. In these markets, Orthochem’s products have competed successfully on quality and price with well-known European and North American brands.

Orthochem has two manufacturing facilities, both situated at Bethlehem in South Africa, and is an independent company that concentrates on quality service and flexibility in order to satisfy customer requirements and preferences.

The facilities are HACCP and FSSC/ISO 22000 certified.